The Epitome of Romance



Floating over it's own reflection, the Jahaz Mahal in Mandu looks like a ship that’s about to sail. However, for centuries this ship made of stone and mortar never did. Instead, it stood floating over the twin lakes, bearing a silent witness to Mandu's long, rich and varied history. The city of Mandu is adorned with spell-binding Afghan architecture surrounded by baobab trees, native to Africa. The grand palaces are still alive with royal romance while the gateways (darwazas) speak of a history of imperial conquests. A walk through Mandu will leave you awe-struck, the way you used to be listening to stories from grandparents.

Malwa Resort

Mandu is the dream of every history buff and Malwa Resort makes an ideal place to stay being ideally located from the monuments. The remarkable service and facilities offered, attracts both leisure and pleasure travelers.

Malwa Retreat

Mandu has been a pleasure resort of the Mughals due to its elevation and the beautiful monsoon. Since then the city attracts pleasure and leisure travelers and with MPSTDC’s Malwa Retreat, Mandu is your home in this city of joy. Malwa Retreat is a budget offering of MPSTDC.