How To Plan A Three Day Trip To Pachmarhi in July?

Located at the heart of India, Madhya Pradesh is a land of wonders to majority tourists. The state is blessed with abundant flora and fauna along with rich cultural heritage and historical locations. Whatever be your interest, Madhya Pradesh will never leave you disappointed and all the credits go to the numerous towns and cities that together make up the beautiful Madhya Pradesh!

One state that deserves special mention, especially if you want a good trip in MP within a short span of time (for three days or so), is definitely Pachmarhi. But the question is, since there are so many things to see, feel, enjoy and taste in Pachmarhi, how will you do it all within three days? First of all, you need to avail the Pachmarhi tour package from your trusted travel agency and then just follow the trip itineraries. So the Pachmarhi tour package sort out your three days trip?

  1. Day 1– Since there are numerous places to visit in Pachmarhi and you have just 3 days to spare, visiting only the special tourist attractions would be a wise decision. On the first day, visit the Pandava Caves, Bee Falls and lastly Dhoopgarh. One of the best places in Pachmarhi that will leave you bespectacled is the Pandava caves, a group of Buddhist temples carved in rocks belonging to the 9th century. Although there are many waterfalls in Pachmarhi, you will simply marvel at the beauty of Bee Falls with its cascade of glistening water coursing through the valleys. The last stop would be Dhoopgarh, the highest point of Pachmarhi at 1352 meter. You can very well imagine how picturesque it would be to view the sunrise and sunset from this point and this is the specialty of this place, undoubtedly!
  • Day 2– The previous day trip must have left you pretty exhausted! Hence how about a visit to another spectacular cave and a magnificent hilltop temple? that’s right! You will be taken to the Jata Shankar Cave and Chauragarh Temple on the second day. Like the Pandava caves, Jata Shankar Cave is also no less a beauty. Composed of mainly limestone, this cave again has a mythological tale to say: it is believed Lord Shiva hid himself from the wrath of Bhashmasur. This cave has naturally carved structures that look like Lord Shiva himself and hence the name. The Chauragarh Temple is located atop a hill at a height of 1326 meter; you can have a spectacular view of the surrounding hills and valleys. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva; most importantly you need to have great strength in your leg muscles for you need to climb nearly 1300 steps to reach here!
  • Day 3– The last day of your trip should be ended in a grand way. Hence, you will be visiting the Satpura National Park and the Duchess Fall. Begin with the Fall and then end both your day and the trip among the animals! Duchess Falls is yet another scenic waterfall and you can call it the Victoria Falls of Madhya Pradesh, unhesitatingly. At Satpura National Park, you can view various animals like tigers, leopards, bison and others from a close view as well as watch various migratory birds chirping here and there.

Conclusion- Thus your three day trip to Pachmarhi is sorted. With a visit to so many places within three days, you will surely have one of the best Madhya Pradesh tourism experiences. Remember! Book your tour package in advance so that you can enjoy the short trip in an organized way instead of hurrying at the last moment.

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