Come, Fall in Love With The Fantastic Madhya Pradesh!

Madhya Pradesh has a rich land bringing in diverse culture, history, heritage and wildlife. If you are a wanderlust by nature, visiting Madhya Pradesh would surely be an enriching experience for a lifetime. There are so many things to see and do in this state, that one trip might not be sufficient. No matter how many times you walk through the history of Madhya Pradesh, relive the bygone times, immerse in the spiritual sanctity and get lost with the land’s cultural heritage, it will be an all new acquaintance for you.

It is accepted that India is a land of diversity owing to its numerous cultures, religions, tradition and heritage. Each state has unique places, people and traditions, even in Madhya Pradesh.

Let us look at the exclusive specialties that make Madhya Pradesh unique:

  1. Khajuraho Temples- Declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site, this group of temples will leave you spellbound at first sight. The architecture, design and the sculptures are something to marvel at. The temples are known for its erotic and aesthetic carvings based on the idea- ‘Celebration of love between two souls’. Besides gazing at the sculptures, you can also head for the light and sound show in the evening to know the history of the temple.
  • Bheda Ghat- On visiting this place, the first thing that you will exclaim is ‘What an awesome place!’ Surrounded by crystal clear marble rocks all around, this place abounds in peace, tranquility and serenity. To go around Bheda Ghat, you must avail the boat ride where the boatman will share information about this place in the most engaging manner. If you are in search of souvenirs to keep as a token of your tourism in Madhya Pradesh, you can get it from the local stores that sell various items made of marble. Another attraction of this place is the Dhuandhar Falls. The waterfall does not have such a great height but the speed at which river Narmada flows down, creates an astonishing view for the visitors.
  • Satpura National Park- Madhya Pradesh is also known for its wildlife conservation efforts and this is clear from its 6 national parks and their wildlife reserves. Satpura National Park has a remarkable tiger reserve where you can see numerous tigers involved in some or the other activity. The main specialty of this park is that it is a three-in-one combination; in other words, the park has mountains, forests and backwaters. The fauna of this park is diverse-you can sight sloth bear, Indian bison, Spotted deer, leopard and many more. Also there is no dearth of migratory birds like Kingfisher, hornbill and others.
  • Pench Tiger Reserve- Also another national park, it is mainly known for its population of tigers. Spotting a tiger is really easy here and apart from that, you can also sight wild dogs, vulture, jackal, leopard. The most interesting aspect is that the national park is the origin of Mowgli of ‘The Jungle Book’ by Rudyard Kipling. And so you will see a sign board saying ‘ Welcome to the Mowgli’s Land’.

Conclusion– Besides these, you have abundant other places to visit, things to see and record it in your mind like Pachmarhi, Orchha, Bandhavgarh National Park and it continues. For the best tour experience, you can book suitable MP tour packages from your trusted travel agency.

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